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Commitment and confidentiality

O lavarría Law Firm was founded on February 22nd, 1973, by Lawyer Alejandro Augusto Olavarría Gamboa (1928-2000).

Lawyer who studied at the University Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, with a specialization in Insurance Law and in Maritime Law, whom during many years in parallel, to his profession, also worked as Insurance adjuster or Commissioner of damage, for different Insurance Companies in the Local Market, finally standing out as a legal advisor in the national iron and steel activity.

At present the Law Firm is under the direction of Lawyer Juan Alejandro Olavarría Vivian (1964) and Lawyer Juan Edilberto Sánchez Chiang (1964). Both Lawyers Attorneys at Law having studied at the University of Lima, counting also with other lawyers and law graduates of the same University.

Within our staff of Lawyers attorneys at law we count with specialists in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Extrajudicial Conciliation and Negotiation, Labor Law and Procedural Law, with master’s degree and professional specialization courses.

Our field of action is not only the defense in judicial and administrative proceedings, in favor of natural or legal persons, but also preventive legal advice for both private and public entities. Internationally our clients have allowed us to participate in the satisfactory conclusion of business and legal matters under our sponsorship in Countries such as Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, and Panama.


Our aspiration however ambitious it may seem is to be recognized as a Law Firm which cooperates in the rescue of the profession of lawyers attorneys at law as the most noble of all the professions, given the special qualitative requirement which is needed in the professional of law. That motivates us to the previous and thorough study, before accepting the case, and once we have accepted the case, our commitment obliges us to fulfill successfully the task that has been entrusted to us. Being in permanent contact with our client, standing out as ruling principles of our activity the confidentiality and loyalty with our client to whom we own ourselves honorably.


Our mission is to be able to fully serve our clients in all the ample meaning of the original concept of the word lawyer attorneys at law. We are not entrepreneurs of law and we do not want to become in them, it is not our desire to participate with commercial interests inside a market of demand and offer of legal services, much to the contrary, we are moved by a real love towards the profession, a real passion for justice being this the main reason why we are very satisfied for the sincere appreciation and the acknowledgment that we receive from our sponsors, that the consultancy fee that we perceive for our participation in the achievement committed.